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uBlock Origin Change of Permissions

So you started up your (always awful) Monday with this Chrome warning and you’re panicking because your trusted extension uBlock which is supposed to protect you from evil (ads) is turning into the Devil himself.


Read and CHANGE my data? Change my privacy settings? Hell no!

Well, it turns out that it kind of always has been this way and it’s needed for the reasons cited in this link here: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/About-the-required-permissions

But if you need the recap (TL;DR):

uBlock, and other ad-blockers need to read your data so

  • They can cancel requests to the network (like the ads, right?)
  • To block popups
  • To disable the “quick loading of web pages”.. wait what? yes, so no connections are opened to unwanted sites. So, this is for your own good.

In conclusion: It’s safe, it’s normal and just click re-enable 🙂

Good day!